Dr Katarina Miljkovic - Curtin University

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15 November 2018

Unlocking the secrets to the universe!

Mother and planetary scientist, Katarina Miljkovic wants to satisfy humanity’s core curiosity about our origins, by understanding the evolution of our planets. Sitting at the forefront of space exploration, Katarina is the sole Australian collaborator on NASA’s 2018 InSight mission to Mars, due to land in late November 2018.

With Australia’s first space station in this year’s federal budget, and Mars being reachable within our lifetime, Katarina’s work is highly relevant.

The 2018 InSight mission will send a seismometer to collect important data on the impact cratering occurring on Mars, which is when the planet’s surface is struck by meteoroids. These events leave very characteristic features and can tell us about the evolution of the solar system.

Katarina’s explorative research will pave a pathway for more successful future space exploration.

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