Celebrating National Science Week 2016

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16 August 2016

L'Oréal was founded by a scientist in 1909 when a young entrepreneurial chemist, Eugene Schueller, developed the first hair dye, unleashing a new explorative avenue for the beauty industry.

Schueller believed that research and innovation formed the cornerstone of growth and success and today L'Oréal encourages and supports those core values of its founder through the L'Oréal–UNESCO For Women in Science program.

This year Australia celebrates 10 years of the For Women in Science Fellowships. The program recognises exceptional female scientists at a critical point in their career and highlights the importance of ensuring greater participation of women in science.

Schueller developed a product that over the last 100 years has helped women build confidence and promote beauty for all, and now L'Oréal continues his work and aims to instill a confidence in our women scientists who are currently underrepresented at senior levels. Over the last decade we have seen our past fellows rise to senior positions and become role models that inspire and instil certainity in young girls of their ability and potential to suceed. L'Oréal is proud to support our women scientists who may hold the answers in solving our most pressing problems.

Science is crucial to the world, and it needs every talented mind available, be they men or women.


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