Dr Stefanie Zollmann - University of Otago

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15 November 2018

Enhancing our perception of the world with augmented reality


With the rise of new technologies such as computer vision-based tracking and sophisticated sensors in mobile devices, Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces have recently received a lot of attention.

AR can provide an enhanced version of reality where our view of the physical real-world environment is augmented with superimposed computer-generated images, thus enhancing one’s perception of reality.

Stefanie has been able to demonstrate the benefits of combining computer graphics to our world view, including a virtual X-Ray view of underground pipes and cables to support civil engineers, the visualisation of landmarks for pedestrian navigation, as well as the usage of computer graphics to compensate for colour blindness using smart glasses.

Currently, these applications are still subject to major challenges. Stefanie will investigate the current gaps in this technology including the inaccurate alignment of ‘augmented’ over ‘real-world’, which will allow the use of AR for a wider range of usage scenarios and will at the same time open up new research directions.

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